You may not always know what to say or how to help someone with extreme needs. That’s why you should work as a team. If someone asks you a question beyond your experience, please give them our number (214-444-8796) and ask them to call us for help. Use this app to search resources.

A few boundary suggestions:

Money: We do not give any cash for any reason. If someone has a real need that requires money, we want to help but we do not distribute cash. Many times, our homeless friends struggle to use that money in a way that will help them get off the street. We don’t want to perpetuate their time on the street.

Personal Information: Keep your last name, phone number, and address private. If you meet someone who wants a phone number to call when they need help, feel free to give them ours (214-444-8796).

Safety: Safety first! Do not stay in a conversation if you feel unsafe. If you do not feel safe transporting someone to a service center, do not put them in your car.