Youth Believing in Change

Our Mission: Developing servant-leaders through spiritual, educational and entrepreneurial training.

Our Vision: To inspire, equip, train and empower youth to become servant-leaders and/or entrepreneurs.

Our Passion: To nurture the “Divine Spark” in children and youth.

Objectives: To spiritually nurture children by teaching them biblical principles and virtues basic to all faiths and cultures.
To elevate the reading, writing and comprehension level of children.
To give children the opportunity to express their creativity through inter- and intra-personal communication.
To affirm children as significant members of society by encouraging them to perform community service
To develop and implement educational and vocational programs that will give youth entry-level marketable skills by age 18.
To match youth with mentors who will encourage them to set and pursue their goals.
To establish a nurturing and learning net for children and youth that consists of individuals whose desires are to give them opportunities to excel.

United Universe

The purpose of our program is to help individuals become stable and self-sufficient. If this is your goal, you may be a good candidate for our program. New intakes may contact a case worker any time between 11am and 2pm Monday through Friday.

For more information, please call (214) 870.5860.

Who We Are

Willie and Cynthia Gipson Sr. have been helping others most of thieir lives. Willie started out protecting kids from bullies in school. While doing so, a great relationship on both sides was established. Through the gifted negotiating and coaching skills, he was able to keep both sides coming together for common causes. Playing together in team sports he eventually became a career coach, mowed lawns and did errands for the adults in the neighborhood. Understanding that coming together, we could accomplish more prompted the formation of The K. B. Polk/North Park Reunion Alumni.

This organization comes together every five years to have a class reunion and the last three years we have collaborated with community base organizations to help bring “Unity in the Community”. We give academic scholarships, have live entertainment, job fairs, Aids testing, games for kids, spades & dominoes tournament while we recognize the good work in the community. Every Christmas toys are given away in the neighborhood, food baskets are passed out at Thanksgiving and back to school supplies given to students every fall. We are dedicated to providing the best service and care to children and adults who are in need.

Cynthia an aircraft engineer for fourteen years decided to change careers, becoming a teacher, leaving the aircraft industry. Her desire to teach and help others made it an easy transition being highly energetic and enthusiastic; her emphasis is on providing feedback to each student. Currently she focuses on our after school tutoring and nutrition programs.

Today’s youth still need mentors, role models (male and female) to help guide them in the right direction and teach them how to make better choices. Because of our desire to help others we continue to bring youth and adults together to make an impact in communities changing lives one at a time. The curriculums we use teach life skills, build self esteem and prepare students for higher education.

Volunteers of America

Mission Statement:
Volunteers of America Texas is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the vulnerable reach their full potential.

• To engender a commitment to our mission through our visionary, proactive, accountable and responsible leadership for those we serve
• To be viewed as the premier, highest quality human services provider in the communities we serve
• To continue to develop and implement the most innovative and high quality programs and services that improve the emotional, spiritual and physical quality of life for those we serve as well as our entire organization
• That those served by Volunteers of America Texas will in turn serve others
• To engage the broader communities we serve in using their time, talents and resources to join us in our ministry of service
• To play a key role in the restoration of the social conscience in the fabric of society

State wide agency.

Voice of Hope

Our Food pantry provides food and prayer with dignity to our working poor. Through our food pantry we provide not only physical needs, but through prayer and support we provide for spiritual needs as well. We are the only food pantry in West Dallas that serves evening and weekends by appointment to accommodate to families that work.

Seniors Bible Study, Thursdays:We minister to widows and seniors weekly through Bible study and fellowship. They received God’s word and a hot meal.

Voice of Hope also has children and youth programs.