Gatehouse Grapevine

The Gatehouse at Grapevine provides long-term solutions to deep-rooted problems so that permanent, positive change becomes possible. We’ve seen that it takes women in crisis generally three to six months to feel safe and confident enough to make life-changing decisions. In short-term programs, women may make decisions for change, but here at The Gatehouse, we give them enough time to learn how to live it out.
After experiencing domestic violence, women flee to shelters an average of 7-8 times before leaving for good. In addition, they seek refuge at a friend’s or family members house an average of 8-10 times between the shelter stays. When women are ready to end this cycle, The Gatehouse offers safe refuge, practical resources and healing relationships. This is true for women facing other problems as well, such as underemployment, a devastating divorce, incarceration or poverty. New paths of opportunity are created for women in crisis to seek freedom from the past and hope for the future.

Viola’s House

Viola’s House, Inc. is an emergency placement shelter for teen mothers faced with an unplanned pregnancy, who may also be at-risk for homelessness.

Formed in 2008 as a “Maternity House,” to provide temporary housing and support services to expectant teenage mothers aged 12-21 in the Dallas area. Viola’s House utilizes a holistic approach in order to help teen expectant mothers make enduring, positive changes in their lives. The Program provides basic life necessities of housing, food and clothing, in addition to life skills, education and training in financial literacy, parenting and counseling. Viola’s House takes a preventative approach and provides a comprehensive second chance prevention program.

The Well Community

The Well Community serves alongside those who struggle with mental illness – offering hope & healing through the power of faith, friendship & best-practice interventions. Founded in 2002, the Well Community (“the Well”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. What started as a simple, church outreach to a handful of people has grown into a flourishing, holistic ministry among adults recovering from serious mental illness. The Well’s philosophy of care, relational interventions, and holistic rehabilitation combine to make a significant impact upon those we are called to serve.

The Gatehouse

Transitional housing for women and their children who have been through domestic violence. We are NOT an emergency shelter for DV.


1. Applicant is in a crisis situation that involves a housing need
2. Head of household must be at least 21 years old
3. Committed to engaging fully in the Program
4. Can provide proof of custody for children or of engagement in custody process
5. Willing and able to work
6. No active addictions (sober for one year)
7. No Child Protective Services (CPS) involvement as perpetrator
8. No convictions for violent crimes
9. No level of chronic mental illness that impedes full engagement in the Program

Blake’s House

Blake’s House seeks to provide a safe living environment for young ladies that have aged out of foster care to develop their spiritual walk with Christ, further their education, learn life skills, give back to the community, become a productive working member of society, and finally transition to independent living with a support system in place.

24-Hour Club – 24-Hour Club

The Dallas 24 Hour Club, Inc. is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which provides sober transitional living for homeless men and women who want a life away from alcohol and substance abuse.

The main purposes of The 24 Club of Dallas, Inc. are to: (1) provide shelter and housing for up to eighteen months per stay for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at a minimal cost; (2) act as a liaison between our residents in need and service agencies that might fulfill those needs; (3) provide a place for 12-Step recovery groups to hold meetings; (4) provide a venue for 12-Step fellowships to assist others in achieving sobriety; and (5) provide an environment to make those who want recovery or want to support recovery welcome.

The public is welcome to come to the Dallas 24 Hour Club to attend recovery meetings, provide service to our residents and enjoy our full service restaurant. Information on recovery, Ross Avenue recovery meetings and our services are available uoon request.

Hands & Hearts Ministries, Inc. – Nehemiah’s House

The Lord’s Hands & Hearts Ministries, Inc. is a volunteer driven organization that seeks to reach the lost and broken with the love and compassion of God to address issues of poverty, addiction, oppression, discouragement, and hopelessness. We believe the whole person must be ministered to and healed in order to see lasting freedom; body – spirit – soul.

We have been blessed to be a part of God’s work in the lives of several men and women who have come up and off the streets and are in healthy and productive lifestyles and are giving back to the community.

Hands & Hearts currently serves over 1,000 people each month. Services and programs offered include transitional housing, hunger relief through Solomon’s Porch and Pauline’s Pantry supplying food and hygiene products to low income families and the homeless, Christian teaching and counseling to the homeless, residential poor and children living in shelters, clothing relief for the homeless, and food assistance for our ministry partners also serving the homeless.

Mercy House for Pregnant Women – Mailing Address

Mercy House Ministries was founded for the purpose of aiding single pregnant women who need support. Our home is a place of safety and peace where each woman can focus on her emotional and spiritual growth during this most important time. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and developing a positive and healthy environment for her child is the goal of our program.

This includes becoming a part of a local church, facilitating spiritual discipleship and providing training in the life skills necessary for successful and productive living.

We are the Lord’s hands extended.  Expressing His love and mercy, we invite women to partner with Him in the next steps of their lives.  As they move from crisis to creative, beautiful and abundant living we see the cycle of loss broken and the future of two lives forever changed.

Interfaith Housing Coalition

Interfaith Housing Coalition is a faith-based agency whose mission is to “be the hands of Christ helping families transition to self-sufficiency and new hope.” For over 25 years, Interfaith’s Home & Hope Transitional Housing Program has provided transitional housing via 49 apartments that we own debt-free, self-sufficiency programs such as career counseling and budget mentoring, and children & teen programs for approximately 100 homeless families per year. 

Emily’s Place

“As the only long-term transitional housing facility for domestic violence survivors in Collin County, Emily’s Place seeks to break the cycle of domestic violence for women and their children by providing “transformational” living with emphasis on emotional healing and life-skills training to ensure a successful, self-sustaining future.
Emily’s Place is not a shelter, which typical allows women to stay for 30-90 days. Rather, it is a “transformational” housing ministry based on a 24-month stay commitment which promotes stability and wise choices.
The transformational program includes counseling, addictions recovery, vocational assistance, life skills development and spiritual nurturing. Emily’s Place program is unique in that residents live in a highly structured environment under direct supervision and community involvement. The structured environment of 24/7 live-in staff offer the support and accountability needed to transition from a difficult past into a bright future.
For victims of domestic violence, Emily’s Place is the BRIDGE from the shelter back into the community.”

Vision House – Vision House

At Vision House our  mission is to provide transitional housing for women who have been impacted by drugs and alcohol abuse and the illicit sex industry. Women who realize they need help transitioning back into the mainstream of society.

Our mission is to assist them as they develop in their recovery while they learn to become responsible individuals; allowing them an opportunity to develop positive visions for themselves and to live life on life’s terms.

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc.

Our mission here at Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is to help the less fortunate among us while, at the same time, instructing the individuals how to become self sufficient. Our ministry is not fostering dependency but, to the contrary, we are strengthening the whole person through Counseling-Prayer-Rehabilitation.

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc believes that with God’s help any human life can be improved regardless of its current situations. Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is feeding the homeless and maintaining a food pantry to help the low income neighbors as well as single families in Dallas Texas. We are providing limited transitional housing to individuals who became homeless due to some situations beyond their control while, at the same time, assisting them in setting goals, in developing marketable skills, in networking for gainful employments and, ultimately, in obtaining permanent housing! Our goal is to assist these individuals to become self-reliant, and to discover God’s Divine Purposes for their lives.

Volunteers of America

Mission Statement:
Volunteers of America Texas is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the vulnerable reach their full potential.

• To engender a commitment to our mission through our visionary, proactive, accountable and responsible leadership for those we serve
• To be viewed as the premier, highest quality human services provider in the communities we serve
• To continue to develop and implement the most innovative and high quality programs and services that improve the emotional, spiritual and physical quality of life for those we serve as well as our entire organization
• That those served by Volunteers of America Texas will in turn serve others
• To engage the broader communities we serve in using their time, talents and resources to join us in our ministry of service
• To play a key role in the restoration of the social conscience in the fabric of society

State wide agency.

This is Your Season Ministries

This Is Your Season Ministries is a 501 c3 nonprofit ministry based in Rockwall devoted to sharing the Love of God, by encouraging all to give their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ in our local community and to nations all over the world.
• Community of Believers feeds hundreds of families in Rockwall through the North Texas Food Bank
• Weekly woman’s Bible Study, retreats and conferences across the United States
• Provide Thanksgiving & Christmas meals for families in need
• Transitional home for women
• Coordinate the National  Day of Prayer for Rockwall, community prayer at the Prayer Chapel, Prayer Walk for our schools, and establishing a 24/7 House of Prayer in Rockwall.
• Operate a Worship Institute for young adults to study the Word of God
• Spiritually and financially support pastors, orphanages, clinics, and schools around the world.
• Minister God’s love in 30 Nations globally.
• Provide Bibles for pastors and believers.
• Partnered with the city and its churches to minister to the hundreds of families after Hurricane Katrina.

Angel’s Recovery

Description: The purpose of Angels Recovery House is to provide a safe living place for men and women who have nowhere else to go in the escape from dangerous situations, i.e., domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, poverty. They partner with DVO Ministries.

Eligibility: Any resident must be employed or actively looking for work.

Fees: Housing is $80 a week

Services Offered: Safe living environment, peer to peer support, Bible studies, men’s meetings, women’s meetings, Overcomers support groups, GOD14 Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Life Skills, Resume writing, job hunting skills, interview attire

Bridges Safehouse – Bridges

Bridges Safehouse seeks to encourage, empower and equip pregnant, homeless women and women in crisis, and their children, by providing shelter, resources, life-skills training, and mentoring while they are in our care.

Housing Crisis Center

The Housing Crisis Center (HCC) opened its doors in 1978 as the Dallas Tenants’ Association, dedicated to educating the public in the area of housing rights. Since then, HCC has grown to provide not only pro-bono legal services for our neighbors in Dallas County, but also short- and long-term transitional shelter as well as permanent supportive housing and emergency financial assistance. HCC is truly about homeless prevention and re-housing those who are currently experiencing homelessness.