If you are not in Dallas, we can still help you find access to resources in your location.  We get phone calls from across the country from people looking for help. This is usually what we say:


We don’t know providers in your area, but we know how to type “homeless assistance or shelter” into a search field. Once you hit “search,” click on the map. That will show you the providers in your area and where they are in the city. If you click on one of the dots, it will even tell your their phone number. From there, you’ve got options to get directions by bus, car, or on foot.


When you call or visit a place that exists as a public service, they’re likely to already have several situations to handle at their facility. Be patient and courteous. Say please and thank you. Explain your situation as briefly as you can and be direct with why you contacted them. And at the end of the conversation, if they can’t help you, say, “Thanks for your time. Do you know of other places in the area that might be able to help me?” Try to get a phone number for those other places.


Lots of places are overrun with constant needs. It can be discouraging to call numbers that don’t pick up right away. But keep trying. People who work at places that are designed to help meet the needs of the homeless are usually there because they want to help. When you get ahold of them, thank them for what they do and ask about their services.