I’m about to be homeless and I need help

If your fears are becoming reality and you are about to become homeless, we want to help.

The problems that led up to this didn’t happen overnight and a solution isn’t going to be quick. You need a plan and you need people you can trust to help you make the best decisions. You need a safe place to sleep at night. And, you need to face some hard realities:

  • There is hope. You are not alone. Groups of people (like OurCalling and others) want to help you succeed.
  • God did not cause this, nor has He forgotten you. He has a plan for you. You need to spend some quality time talking and listening to Him.
  • No one is going to put you up in a motel, give you an apartment, or make this go away. You are going to have to work hard, follow some rules and work your way out of this.
  • You need to examine yourself and ask the tough questions. What in your life contributed to this? Are there any unhealthy relationships that you need to step away from? Is there any habits or activities in your life that destructively contributed to this?

You CAN get off the streets. You CAN find change. You CAN change. But you CANNOT do it alone. You need help and we are here to help you. We would love to talk to you and help you make the best decisions and think through all of the options. Please call (214-444-8796), email or visit us (500 S. Haskell Dallas, TX 75223).

For your safety and success in getting off of the streets:

  • Sleep somewhere safe. Sleeping outside, in your car, or with people that can harm you is a bad option. Shelters are designed to give you a safe place to rest. They are full of many different kinds of people, but they priority is safety (not the best food or most comfortable mattress).
  • Don’t loose you ID. You need valid state ID in order to stay in most shelters, get a job, or get help from most organizations. If you don’t have an ID, make it your #1 priority to get it.
  • Don’t assume you can do this alone. You need help to get off of the streets. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get someone to answer a phone or give you an answer. Refrain from starting any new intimate relationships at this point in your life. You have enough problems and the last thing you need is a new girlfriend/boyfriend.

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