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  • Shelter

    • 17 and under only
    • The Emergency Youth Shelter Program at Promise House provides a temporary sanctuary for homeless, runaway and abandoned youth from infancy through 17 years old. The goals of the program include stabilizing crisis situations, family reunification, encouraging stable living conditions for youth and enabling youth to make personal decisions that will lead to constructive courses of action in life.

      To enroll in the Emergency Youth Shelter Program, call the intake coordinator at 214.941.8578 or e-mail

  • Transitional Housing

    • 16 to 24 year olds
    • The Transitional Living Program of Promise House equips homeless teens ages 16 through 24 years old with the skills and education to become independent, productive adults. Created for older teens, who truly have no other resources, the program is designed to provide shelter, medical and dental services, psychological evaluation and mental health services, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, job aptitude evaluation and career planning services, parenting education, and independent living life skills training. The program, divided into four phases, allows the teenagers to move at their own pace throughout the program.

      The first phase, which typically lasts no longer than one month, is an orientation and evaluation phase delivered through the Emergency Youth Shelter Program, Wesley Inn Program or an outside agency. The second phase of the program is presented through two group homes operated by Promise House, one for boys and one for girls. The teens have the direct supervision of live-in staff members who, along with the teens’ case managers, administer the services that are a part of the program. Services in phase three are delivered in small, supervised group homes as well as individual apartments for pregnant and parenting teen families. The final phase of the program supports participants locating and leasing their own apartments, working full time and fully supporting themselves as independent, healthy young adults. They continue to have access to therapeutic and case management services as a part of this phase.

  • Transitional Housing

    • 14 to 20 years old
    • Pregnancy

    • Only takes Women
    • The Wesley Inn Program of Promise House guides 14- through 20-year-old homeless pregnant and parenting teen mothers to become healthy, independent and nurturing parents. As a group residence for homeless teen mothers and their children, the Wesley Inn Program provides a safe residence for up to 12 moms and babies. Residents may stay in the program for up to two years and are encouraged to stay at least 90 days. During this time, each resident and her child benefit from a wide range of services and training opportunities.

      Promise House understands that homeless teen mothers need much more than shelter and food to successfully raise their children. These young mothers need a stable and caring environment in which they can begin to tackle their problems with the help of trained case managers and child care workers.

      Due to its interconnected programs and services, Promise House is able to offer complete care to the residents of the Wesley Inn Program including food, clothing, personal care items, healthcare, prenatal and postnatal care, enrollment in appropriate mainstream services such as Medicaid and WIC, counseling, life skills training, transportation, high school or post-secondary education, job preparation assistance, childcare assistance, parent education, community services opportunities and recreational activities. In addition to these critical services, the teen mothers have the added advantage of psychiatric evaluation and assessment.

  • Counseling

    • 18 to 24 year olds
    • The Community Counseling Program provides counseling, case-management and referral assistance to children, youth and families faced with the threat of homelessness. While most of our current programming addresses teens who are already homeless, runaway, or leading transient lifestyles, the Community Counseling Program targets at-risk teens to prevent youth homelessness.

      Free counseling services are available for individuals, groups and families (ages 8-24) in the community who are facing family conflict, behavioral/mental problems, engaging in at-risk behavior and are often truant from school. Our goal is to give youth the opportunity to receive help before family and personal problems escalate, which often create circumstances in which teens are likely to run away or resort to life on the streets.

      Teens who turn to a life on the streets are at greater risk and more susceptible to criminal activity, sexual exploitation, and falling victim to predatory schemes. It is crucial that we reach these youth before their situation turns too dire to bear. Ultimately, intervention at this critical time, before teens feel that living on the streets is the only option, allows us to prevent youth homelessness.

  • Service

    • The Street Outreach Program of Promise House connects with teens living on the streets and assists them to find safe living arrangements. The dedicated outreach team is on the streets nights and weekends looking for teens up to 24 years old and builds relationships with them to provide educational information, referrals and support services.
      Even if the team cannot get the teen to leave the street on their first visit, the team provides them with a hygiene kit and the Promise House toll-free telephone number. When a teen does accept the assistance the team is trying to provide, Promise House provides respite care, intensive case management and counseling or until a safe living arrangement can be made.

      In addition to reaching out to these teens, the Street Outreach Program provides community outreach on behalf of the agency. The team represents the agency at health and community fairs throughout North Texas. They also make presentations to other agencies in order to have Promise House added to other extended referral networks.