Soul for Christ Ministry Inc.

Our mission here at Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is to help the less fortunate among us while, at the same time, instructing the individuals how to become self sufficient. Our ministry is not fostering dependency but, to the contrary, we are strengthening the whole person through Counseling-Prayer-Rehabilitation.

Soul for Christ Ministry Inc believes that with God’s help any human life can be improved regardless of its current situations. Soul for Christ Ministry Inc is feeding the homeless and maintaining a food pantry to help the low income neighbors as well as single families in Dallas Texas. We are providing limited transitional housing to individuals who became homeless due to some situations beyond their control while, at the same time, assisting them in setting goals, in developing marketable skills, in networking for gainful employments and, ultimately, in obtaining permanent housing! Our goal is to assist these individuals to become self-reliant, and to discover God’s Divine Purposes for their lives.


902 Garza Ave
Dallas, TX 75216


  • Transitional Housing

    • For the mentally ill only
    • Our group homes are designed to be a bridge between the dependent and independent living, primarily for the mentally ill individuals who find it difficult to live independently on their own. We work relentlessly with our residents to help bring the best out of them. We demonstrate patience, emotional support, God’s Love, and Caring, realizing that we may be the only current source of support that these individuals have. Our belief is that God loves each and every one of us, including the mentally ill, and He wants the best for each and every one of us. Our prayers and hope is to see God’s Purpose fulfilled in each of our residents. No human being is without a purpose. Yes, we believe in God of Purpose. We believe in God of Love, and we believe in God of possibility.  We believe, also, in the individuals who are willing to bring the best out of themselves. We believe that, with God, nothing is impossible! Our God is an Awesome God!!!

  • Resources – Meal Service

    • Soul for Christ Ministry Inc provides homeless individuals with hot meals here on site: on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month. We transport the homeless on the days of feeding (from their respective shelters to our feeding facility, and back to their shelters after the feeding). We instill hope, encourage, and provide emotional support. We are educating the homeless individuals about choices, self esteem, willpower, and belief system.  Our goal is to help the individuals to learn from the past, recognize the behaviors or habits that they need to change, be willing to develop a new attitude, and desiring to be self sufficient, and less dependent on the working society.

  • Resources – Food Pantry

    • Soul for Christ Ministry Inc maintains a food pantry to support our low income neighbors, and single families who meet the criteria in the TEXCAP Guidelines. Our food pantry opens on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the Month, between 12noon – 3pm.  Also, we educate our consumers how to apply for Food Stamps.

  • Resources – Clothes

    • Soul for Christ Ministry Inc helps the homeless, and the individuals in need, with used clothes and shoes. Our clothes and shoes pantry opens daily, and depends largely on public supports. Our inventory is very small. You, too, anybody, can be of help! Please, donate to our ministry.

  • Discipleship

    • Soul for Christ Ministry offers a 9month discipleship training (September through May). The training includes free housing for those qualified! Beds assigned to our discipleship program are very limited, and is first come, first serve.

  • Counseling

    • Soul for Christ Ministry Inc. offers individual counseling as needed: both on spiritual and secular level. We believe however that Jesus Christ is the most effective Counselor ever lived. In God through Christ you and I find real solutions to issues of life. In God’s Word we discover divine answers to life problems.