Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas


The Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas opened in 1971 as a result of several years of collaboration among American Indian community leaders and with voluntary, part-time medical providers. Since the late 1970s, funding from Indian Health Service, a branch of the US Department of Health & Human Services, along with other subsequent funding streams, has enabled the Center to expand its services to include dental, pharmacy, job training, employment, education, mental health and substance abuse counseling, emergency assistance services, a food pantry, and HIV outreach/education.


209 East Jefferson Blvd
Dallas, TX 75203


  • Medical – General

    • AIDS
    • Financial Assistance

  • Medical – Dentistry

  • Medical – Pharmacy

  • Medical – Mental Health

  • Resources – Food Pantry

  • Job Training

  • Addiction Support – Classes