Volunteers of America


Mission Statement:

Volunteers of America Texas is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the vulnerable reach their full potential.


• To engender a commitment to our mission through our visionary, proactive, accountable and responsible leadership for those we serve

• To be viewed as the premier, highest quality human services provider in the communities we serve

• To continue to develop and implement the most innovative and high quality programs and services that improve the emotional, spiritual and physical quality of life for those we serve as well as our entire organization

• That those served by Volunteers of America Texas will in turn serve others

• To engage the broader communities we serve in using their time, talents and resources to join us in our ministry of service

• To play a key role in the restoration of the social conscience in the fabric of society

State wide agency.


300 E Midway Dr
Euless, TX 76039


  • Transitional Housing

    • AIDS
    • Senior Citizen
    • Several housing facilities in Texas.
      Each one serves different needs.
      Call to see if you qualify.

  • Addiction Rehab – Sober Living

    • Pregnancy
    • Our addiction treatment and recovery programs address not only the addiction itself, but also issues like poverty, homelessness and abuse that arise from chemical dependency.  We are committed to helping clients gain sure footing in sobriety so that they can reclaim what was lost and become productive members of their families and society. Programs include:
      • Residential and outpatient addiction treatment for men and women
      • Programs for pregnant women and women with children
      • Parenting classes
      • Job preparation and training programs
      • Financial support services
      • Housing placement
      • Treatment for domestic abuse/trauma
      Located in Fort Worth,  Houston and San Antonio.

      Call for intake information

  • Medical – Mental Health

    • Senior Citizen
    • Programs include:
      Host Homes (Foster Care)
      We are here to help, whether you’re looking for a qualified individual to care for your loved one or you plan to provide a host home yourself. Our Support Specialists and nurses coordinate individualized care for adults and children with disabilities – from medical services and therapies to day programs and equipment.
      Residential Group Homes 
      Our group homes for adults and children with disabilities provide around-the-clock support in a home environment that encourages independence while fostering a sense of community. Locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
      In-Home Support 
      For families who support their relatives at home, we provide extensive in-home services. By partnering to create a program customized to your loved one’s needs, we help them meet their potential, provide opportunities for community involvement and give you support as a caregiver.
      Day Habilitation
      Our Life Enrichment Center in Houston’s Independence Heights neighborhood is an activity-rich environment where individuals with disabilities can engage with each other and the community, all with the guidance of trained and caring staff.
      Specialized Deaf-Blind Services
      Our team has the expertise and flexibility to provide the personalized support needed to address a complex web of sensory, mobility and/or intellectual disabilities. We work closely with caregivers to develop and oversee delivery of individualized support plans, plus interpret, intervene and teach skills that improve daily living.

  • Job Training

    • Our community re-entry programs begin by working with individuals while they are still in prison, helping them prepare to re-enter the community by building life skills and overcoming problems with addiction.  We help them find employment and build a network of resources and support so they have the best chance possible for being successful and making contributions to their families and communities.
      We also address the challenges facing incarcerated women – the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population – and help them make a positive transition from prison to their children, families and communities.   Our program, Resolana, provides connections to resources and an intensive series of gender-specific classes to female offenders while they are still in custody as well as ongoing support once they are released. Volunteers of America Texas also supports the long-term success of incarcerated mothers and their children through the nationwide, evidence-based program, Look Up and Hope: Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration.   Through these programs we seek to bring an end to the cycle of incarceration, for this generation and the next

  • Counseling

    • Other Support Services Provided:
      • Financial coaching
      • Vocational training
      • Employment preparation assistance
      • Parenting classes
      • Life skills
      • G.E.D. preparation
      • And more